Slow and Steady…


Things have been super busy in my household but I’m working hard. Getting back to basics has been my big focus. Meal prep, weighing and measuring, and making better choices is not an easy task but it is the only way I’ve found to get the scale moving again. In the last two months I’ve dropped 7 pounds. It’s not like I’m the beginning of this journey where the weight melts off. I think it’s even harder without time to workout and 40 on the horizon but it gives me hope that I can lose the next 25.

I’m back in Onderland to stay. As spring starts to settle in, my next goal is to get moving.


Meal prepping with my new App…


Now I’m sure the Baritastic App is not new to most but for me it’s going to be a game changer. I’ve been stuck teetering in and out of onerland and struggling to find where my big diet pitfalls are. This app breaks things down better than the previous app I was using. Two days ago I had a huge A-ha moment regarding my sugar intake. I’m tracking honestly and so it’s a bit scary some of the things I’m actually taking in. A bite here and there really adds up. I’m also realizing how much of a grader I am at my new job. Sitting at a desk is rough and it appears I’m eating more than I thought. Read the rest of this entry

Holy sugar Batman…


Just had to share. I decided to try the Baritastic App and do a better job of weighing and measuring. I busted out my food scale and was prepped for a good day. Running around with my kid, I got a little tired and decided I’d stop for coffee. I make mine at home most of the time. Without thinking much about it, I got a large coffee with a flavor swirl at Dunkin’. When I got home I entered it in the app and bam it got me like a ton of bricks. My coffee had more sugar than a candy bar and then some. Lesson learned. I am almost always aware of my food but forgot about the dangers of drinking since I’m 99% plain water. It just goes to show that every choice matters. Sometimes I just pop things in my mouth when my toddler wants to share. Now I’m reminded to think before I make a choice.

Knowing is half the battle…


Meal prepping ✅

New scale ✅

Pounds down 🤦‍♀️

I have learned that planning alone isn’t my biggest issue. I had this big idea that if I meal prepped that everything would fall into place. I’ve shopped, prepped, portioned and not lost an ounce. My new scale does not lie. I’m 201. Last week I did a great job following my new rules. Although I didn’t lose, I was feeling pretty good. Read the rest of this entry

Gratitude with a side of sassy pants…


I cried at work today.  This is my first year in an office.  I have been in education 18 years. There have been so many kids that tug at my heart strings that I could fill books with my stories.  I miss teaching terribly but find my new role rewarding as well.  My title is special education coordinator.  My job is to hold IEP meetings and make sure all students get what they need to be successful.  In most cases it is academic support, in some it is emotional support, and in a very few cases it is physical supports.

One of my kids has been struggling to walk the building.  She has an early pass and use of the elevator but still has difficulty getting to classes.  In the past, she has refused counseling, dietician support, and physical therapy.  I have talked with her and the family about the need to get healthy.  Today I showed them pictures of me at my highest weight and shared my personal story.  I was able to convince this student that I DO understand and I get it.  In a previous meeting, she accused the staff of picking on her and expecting things we had no right to ask of her.  Today she told me she wanted to live.  Of course, the tears started flowing.  I talked to her about my current diet and struggles with being in an office at a desk.  We discussed the importance of movement and the work it takes to make good choices.  I was able to explain that every day, every meal is a choice. I shared that the other day was a rough one and I came home and told my husband that I wanted to eat my feelings.  He told me to eat a carrot and move on.  This was exactly what I have asked of him.  Instead we picked up my son early and went to the park to play.  Today reminded me that each day I don’t struggle to tie my shoes, worry about fitting in a seat, and have the opportunity to choose what I want to wear rather than just what fits is a good day.  I am not where I want or need to be but I am in such a better place than I was at 289 lbs. Read the rest of this entry

Who pees like a grandma when they are 39?


Since life has been crazy busy, I haven’t had time to write. I will start by saying the week didn’t go as planned.  There are absolutely no excuses here, just a change in the plan.  My week at a glance:  got my period for the first time in a few months, potty training regression, super busy at work, and a new medical diagnosis.  What they thought was overactive bladder is actually interstitial cystitis.   Read the rest of this entry